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Rugged Touch Screens for Financial & Banking Kiosks and Vending

Banks Are Thriving With Touch Technology & Digital Signage

Bank branches are the forecourt of modern banking. Realizing that branches are the prime customer  touch points, banks all around the world are augmenting their use of digital signage for in-branch  branding, customer promotions, reducing   perceived waiting times, and uplifting ambiance.

PCT support Rugged Touch Screens for Financial & Banking Kiosks and Vending.Custom Financial &  Banking project solution,support Wall-mounted installation,Embedded installation.

With the burgeoning number of banks everywhere, it has become intensely important for banks to  distinguish themselves, and stand out in terms of the products they offer, and the customer experiences they deliver.

In an era of digital disruption, banks must implement a digital innovation to effectively cater to   increasingly tech-savvy bank customers who expect the best products, and customer service from  their banks.

While banks invest profoundly in CRM solutions, there’s a need to capitalize on digital signage, video walls, multi-touch tables and touch kiosks to improve customer experiences inside branches. With a    remarkable  product portfolio and a   substantial customer base, it’s of utmost importance for banks to engage with customers, and inform and educate them about the vast array of banking products they can benefit from.

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