24th National Hospital Construction Conference Exhibition

Medical Grade LCD touch monitor

24th National Hospital Construction Conference Exhibition

Proud to announce that we have recently participated in the 24th National Hospital Construction Conference and CHCC2023 International Hospital Construction Equipment and Management Exhibition. We displayed our high-quality touch screen products at the exhibition, which have a wide range of applications in hospital medical scene equipment.The expo was held at Chengdu West Expo from June 17 to 19, attracting professionals and decision-makers from all over the country. We are very glad to see that many visiting customers expressed great interest in our touch screen products and inquired about the technical characteristics and applicable scenarios of the products.

Promptcontrol's touch screen products are specially designed for hospital medical scenarios, with excellent reliability, high-definition display, and sensitive touch functionality. Whether in the operating room, patient room, outpatient department, or diagnostic room, our products provide a superior user experience and help hospitals improve productivity and patient care.

Promptcontrol Technology would like to thank all the customers and participants who visited our booth. We place great value on communication with you and will continue to strive to innovate and improve our touch screen products to meet the needs of the hospital medical industry.

If you missed the show or would like more information about our products and solutions, please contact our sales team. We look forward to working with you to provide you with excellent touch screen solutions for the field of hospital medicine.

Promptcontrol Technology is your trusted partner, we are committed to providing excellent technology and services for the hospital medical industry.

To explore more about the application scenarios of PromptControl medical touch monitors in the industry,  send us an e-mail contact us for a comprehensive range of medical display solutions.

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